We are placemakers obsessed with creating ‘people places’
relentlessly in search of the next great canvas for a new story.
We craft experiences and build environments around them.

Propriétés & Co
Propriétés & Co

Propriétés & Co. has a passion for the development of authentically inspired, one-of-a-kind resorts and residential communities. These are the pillars of our approach to creating long-term value that benefits all stakeholders, from our financial and municipal partners to homebuyers, hotel guests, and local businesses.

We create resorts and residential developments that inspire people to make the most of every day and transform local communities. Across the European sunbelt, we pursue coastal or inland sites with untapped lifestyle, experiential, and economic potential. Our special expertise is unleashing that potential through innovative master planning, thoughtful positioning, strategy and design, and powerful partnerships with global hospitality brands as well as local vendors, craftspeople, and suppliers.

We are storytellers who use the medium of imaginatively designed resorts and communities to weave authentic stories of culture and cuisine, history and contemporary life, wellness and time well-spent with family and friends. We believe in the power of nature to bring us back to our own true nature and so we create places that celebrate natural beauty. We believe ‘The Good Life’ is an experience, not a possession, and so we create opportunities for people to take new adventures in some of the world’s most inspiring landscapes.

We believe in sustainable placemaking – communities that are purpose-built to last and relate harmoniously to their physical, environmental, historic, and economic context while delivering an exceptional lifestyle to the people who buy, live in, work in, and visit them. We take our cues from each unique site rather than impose our will on them and we seek out ways to build on and enhance existing infrastructure. We engage in a process through which we arrive at design solutions and development strategies that reference heritage and culture while offering a thoroughly contemporary lifestyle.