Keller Williams Luxury Matis Pelé and Frédéric Sanz de Bella Pietra interview

Can you introduce Keller Williams and Keller Williams Luxury ?

Keller Williams is an American network with an international presence that entered the French market in 2018. Their strategy involves partnering with local and influential agencies, combining the strength of their local reputation with the power of an American international network, all in a mutually beneficial spirit. It's a win-win-win situation: a win for the managers of these "Market Centers," a win for the agents, and a win for Keller Williams. These are not traditional agencies; there are no storefronts. They are business centers that provide a collaborative environment where everything is made available for agents.

With a rating of 4.3/5 based on 5886 employee reviews on Indeed, what reasons can you cite for this exceptional score?

First and foremost, Keller Williams' training is recognized as the best real estate training school according to Forbes magazine. Additionally, their entrepreneurial values set them apart. It is the only network that allows you to create your own agency within a Market Center at no initial cost (except for a fee based on a certain revenue threshold). Once that revenue threshold is exceeded, all sales made belong to the agents, making it a fantastic economic model. It's not surprising that employees within this network are highly satisfied, as this model was built by agents, for agents.

Beanstock and Keller Williams France recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at promoting and democratizing real estate transactions related to rental investments. Is Port Marseillan a project that aligns with this type of clientele for you?

Negotiations are still ongoing, slowed down by market changes, but it should be imminent. Port Marseillan, as a model of rental investment, will undoubtedly benefit from the fruits of this new partnership for its financial products. However, Port Marseillan is much more than just a financial investment. If one is solely seeking profitability, there are other options available. Port Marseillan is primarily a trailblazer. It represents a rare opportunity to acquire property in the South of France managed, and this makes all the difference, by a 5-star hotel offering a multitude of high-end services. With this project by Propriétés & Co, driven by Miguel Espada, we are truly witnessing a luxury pioneer in the Occitanie region.

Is it still easy to purchase new properties with character around the Bassin de Thau?

In the past, one could certainly say it was easy, but times are changing. The charm and preservation of the environmental and cultural authenticity specific to the Occitanie region make Port Marseillan unmatched. It remains a unique and highly sought-after concept.

How does the real estate market around the Bassin de Thau compare to other luxury coastal regions in France in terms of prices and trends?

The authenticity of the products, the terroir, the environment, and the people explain the exceptional nature of Port Marseillan. We are talking about a preserved, even confidential place, with more space, which sets it apart from the more well-known, but more crowded, concentrated, and built-up French Riviera, for example. Thau boasts vineyards as far as the eye can see and the cleanest water in Europe, thanks in part to the demanding specifications imposed by the oyster farming activity, which is a flagship industry in the region along with viticulture.

Starting at €349,000 for suites, apartments, and villas around the Bassin de Thau, is this a reasonable budget for the location and the current real estate market?

The prices at Port Marseillan cannot be compared to the average standard real estate market because the services and amenities are far superior. Such a project has never been seen before!

Is it difficult to sell off-plan (VEFA) new real estate?

No, because even in the case of delays, people understand, especially when it occurs during a global health crisis. Managing timelines remains crucial, though. It's a matter of trust between us and the developers; we need to be in sync. The level of agreement and trust we have with Propriétés & Co – lead by Miguel Espada and their Sales Manager Yves Khoury - is precisely what allows us to be reassured and, consequently, reassuring for our clients. This enables us to provide more arguments to make buyers patient because we genuinely believe in what we say.

How do you explain the concept of "Branded Residence," which is relatively new in France, to your clients?

In France, second homes have an occupancy rate of 15 days per year. The rest of the time, they remain vacant. There is an increasing qualitative attractiveness in the territory. So, this project perfectly combines these two points. In the case of Port Marseillan, you are not just buying real estate; you are buying property managed by a prestigious brand within the Marriott hotel group.

You can visit whenever you want during the year because it's your home. But you are also at the hotel - with all the services of a 5-star hotel - a significant advantage for inviting friends or family. At the same time, you have a financial product with no constraints because the 5-star hotel takes care of everything! Most of our clients are looking for more than just services and the quality of the property; they seek an environment, authenticity, and a way of life that is typical of the Port Marseillan spirit: a true immersion in the Bassin de Thau territory, the best of both worlds...