The Thau lagoon: A Paradisiacal and confidential Place to Live Between the French Riviera and Barcelona

The Thau lagoon: A Paradisiacal and confidential Place to Live Between the French Riviera and Barcelona

The Thau Lagoon is the largest of a series of saltwater lagoons stretching along the French coast, from the Rhône to the Spanish border. At the heart of this confidential Mediterranean setting, the picturesque villages lining the shores of the Thau Basin captivate our emotions with their authenticity and timeless charm. Among them, Marseillan stands out as a true gem where time seems suspended, offering its residents rare and precious tranquility.

In Marseillan, narrow streets and shaded squares invite leisurely strolls, while café terraces offer moments of conviviality and warm exchanges. Here, the bond between the inhabitants is unbreakable, creating a true community where life is good.

An International Destination for the Privilege of Local Living

The Thau Basin, more than just a stretch of water, has become a popular destination for nature lovers and epicureans from around the world. Whether to live part of the year in a secondary residence or to establish a primary nest, this Mediterranean Eden offers an idyllic living environment where tranquility and natural beauty harmoniously blend. Not far from Marseillan, the highly publicized city of Sète is crossed by canals forming a circuit to explore by boat. Its movable bridges are an unforgettable attraction, as is the picturesque Pointe Courte district, bordered by small fishermen's huts.

At a time when stress and agitation invade our lives, the Thau Lagoon appears as a refuge where the very essence of well-being and simplicity is found. Escaping to Marseillan or one of the surrounding villages means reconnecting with the essentials, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, to find inner peace and lost serenity.

Port Marseillan: Europe's First Waterfront Wineyard Resort

Port-Marseillan is indeed the first waterfront winery resort in Europe, with the privilege of slightly overlooking the lagoon for an even more enchanting view. Combining the architectural sophistication of clean lines with the authentic and protected coastal charm, this luxury resort offers an opening onto the private vineyards of this little paradise. Imagine waking up. You are still a bit sleepy, comfortably seated in front of a large bay window. Your gaze first falls on the resort's vineyards before diving into the lagoon, still enveloped in orange hues that transform the present moment, so fleeting and elusive, into a frozen and tamed watercolor.

Here, French chic is the sweetest shock one can imagine. This daily spectacle reflects an atmosphere enhanced by sumptuous gardens. Silently, a Mediterranean ambiance, forged by elegance and conviviality, finds an echo here in art, literature, culture, gastronomy, and architecture.

The renown of this most secret corner of southern France rests precisely on its discretion, which is only matched by the strength and history embedded in the old stones of ancient abbeys like those of Valmagne or Fontfroide, or in the towers and crenellations of old Cathar castles and other UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Carcassonne and the Pont du Gard.

Cradled between water and wind, Thau silently observes us, lifting our gaze sometimes towards the land and the sea, sometimes towards the sky

Marseillan fully seduces us with its golden beaches and ancestral jousting tournaments, but also with its maritime community of seasoned sailors and future skippers still training at the prestigious École des Glénans. Rooted in maritime history and traditions, Marseillan is an essential spot for board sports, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, foiling, paddleboarding, and kayaking, activities that connect man with the elements, particularly water and wind.

Wine and Lifestyle academy

The Wine and Lifestyle Academy embodies the viticultural heritage of the Occitan lands, reinforced by the creation of a conservatory dedicated to ancient varieties of forgotten fruits and vegetables. It is in this spirit of tradition and innovation that the academy offers exclusive services and tastings, guided by experts and culinary workshops that will highlight the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. From glass to tableware, from the subtlety of grapes to invented or revisited flavors, it is time to reconsider our environment and savor its benefits with respect and creativity.

Regenerative Well-being

The Wellness Institute of Port Marseillan is determined to guide you on the path of transformation and energetic regeneration, unstoppable shields against daily stress and the complexity of urban life that batter us. This rediscovered inner vitality will be your opportunity to realign with nature to live with it in profound vibrational harmony. Regenerative well-being is the quest for self-exploration and the quintessence of rediscovered inner vitality. Hydration and nourishment, two vital reflexes, are accompanied here by a better understanding and use of our natural resources, not to deplete them but rather to regenerate them indefinitely, a leitmotif dear to Port Marseillan.

The Mediterranean Capital of Seafood, a Confidential Paradise for Gourmet Lovers Around the World

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean coast, the Thau Lagoon emerges as an aquatic jewel offering unparalleled gastronomic richness. Renowned for its exceptional quality seafood delicacies, this unique ecosystem celebrates the diversity of its marine products, making it the undisputed capital of Mediterranean culinary pleasures.

A land of abundance, it provides an ideal habitat for a multitude of marine species. 750 producers operate 2,750 oyster tables in the lagoon and raise about 13,000 tons of oysters per year, representing nearly 10% of French consumption. The Bouzigues oysters, a local pride, are among the most prized in the world, embodying the excellence and ancestral know-how of the region's oyster farmers. Besides oysters, around 3,000 tons of mussels are produced annually.

Beyond its gastronomic reputation, the Thau Lagoon attracts thousands of visitors each year seeking unique sensory experiences. The picturesque villages lining its shores, such as Bouzigues, Sète, Marseillan, and Mèze, invite travelers to discover the authenticity of Mediterranean culture, through fresh seafood tastings and waterway explorations.

Local restaurants, true temples of gastronomy, elevate the treasures of the Thau Lagoon through refined and creative dishes. From Michelin-starred tables to family-run and more confidential addresses, everyone finds delight here, amazed by the freshness and quality of local products: oysters, macaronade, stuffed mussels and squid, monkfish stew, cuttlefish in rust sauce, fish soup, royal bream, shellfish from the Thau Lagoon, and the unmissable Tielle de Sète (a small tart with onions and chopped squid tentacles).

The Thau Lagoon shines brightly as the Mediterranean capital of seafood, offering a true feast for the senses and the mind. Between tradition and modernity, this aquatic Eden embodies the very essence of Mediterranean gastronomy, uniting people around a common passion for the pleasures of the table.

The Thau Lagoon is Tied to History and Our Origins!

Let’s dive into the glorious past and hidden treasures of the gems bordering the Thau Lagoon, where centuries of history blend with the splendor of nature. Mèze, proud of its Phoenician roots dating back to the 6th century BCE, stands majestically on the northern shore of this emblematic lagoon. Once a vital crossroads on the Via Domitia linking Italy to Spain, Mèze witnessed the passage of the Romans, leaving behind an impressive architectural heritage, of which the magnificent churches still testify today.

Life in Mèze beats to the rhythm of the sea, with nearly a third of its population dedicated to the millennial art of fishing. The town's flourishing economy has been based for generations on shellfish production, especially the prestigious oysters that have earned the region its international reputation. At the heart of this prosperous activity is the lagoon station, an aquaculture research center where history and science meet to preserve and celebrate the precious Thau Lagoon ecosystem.

A few steps away, Loupian emerges as an enigma of antiquity, its roots dating back to the Roman era where a prosperous villa thrived, dedicated to wine production and the flourishing trade that animated its quays. The impressive remains of this golden age, recently unearthed during archaeological excavations, reveal a past of wealth and refinement, immortalized in the magnificent mosaics that still adorn the floors.

And as the sun sets over the shimmering waters of the lagoon, Marseillan, an ancient colony founded by the Greeks, unveils itself as a sparkling gem at the western end of the lagoon. Renowned for its timeless elegance and authentic charm, this port city offers a refuge of peace where the past and present blend harmoniously, inviting travelers to lose themselves in its cobbled streets and savor the peaceful rhythm of Mediterranean life.

Port Marseillan: Embrace a New Life!

Nestled between land and sea, the Thau lagoon reveals itself as a true sanctuary of biodiversity, attracting thousands of migratory birds each year in search of a peaceful haven. This natural gem, home to exceptionally rich flora and fauna, has become a prime destination for birdwatching enthusiasts, offering moments of wonder and escape at the heart of a preserved ecosystem.

Among the migratory birds that make their home along the shores of the Thau Basin are several rare and emblematic species. Pink flamingos, majestic and graceful, color the landscapes with their presence, while gray herons, discreet and observant, blend into the scenery, offering privileged moments of contemplation. Elegant avocets and common terns, or Sandwich terns, also add their touch of charm to this natural tableau of incomparable beauty.

Unique in France with its 7,000-hectare extent, the Thau Lagoon is classified as a Natura 2000 zone. The surrounding wetlands provide a privileged habitat for the birds that have made it a peaceful haven for reproduction.

With over 196 species of aquatic plants, this site also offers one of the largest seagrass beds in Europe. 88 species of fish live here in harmony, as well as 70 species of mollusks and 110 species of crustaceans, explaining why Thau ranks first in biodiversity within the Mediterranean basin.

It is mainly for its extraordinarily rich aquatic flora and fauna that the Thau Lagoon truly stands out. You can observe sea snails, sea urchins, clams, royal bream, and sea bass, as well as mullets, great scallops, abalones, tube worms, sea squirts, eels, bars, loggerhead turtles, egrets, herons, peacock blennies, and one of the largest populations of spotted seahorses in Europe, which fascinates the world's greatest divers.

For lovers of nature and authenticity, Port Marseillan presents itself as a true gem, offering a privileged living environment by the Thau lagoon. This luxury real estate resort, nestled like a VIP balcony overlooking the lagoon, seduces with its discreet elegance and harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Between prestigious villas and charming residences, Port Marseillan offers an exceptional lifestyle, where calm and serenity reign supreme.