The secrets of making Noilly-Prat, carefully preserved in Marseillan

The secrets of making Noilly-Prat, carefully preserved in Marseillan

The secret of making Noilly-Prat Vermouth has been carefully preserved since 1813 in the small village of Marseillan, in the south of France. Mistelle is the natural sugar agent in the final blend of this mutated wine, better known as an aperitif. The doors of the Maison Noilly-Prat are open to us on this beautiful afternoon and I hope to unravel some of the mysteries of its manufacture for you. Marseillan, the cradle of French Vermouth and a corner of the South of France ideal for investing in a second or main home at the Port Marseillan projects. History of this traditional house which has also made the reputation of Marseillan. Noilly-Prat: a prestigious neighbour of Port Marseillan in France...

Mistelle and gumdrop...

The jewel in its crown, Noilly-Prat produces this divine nectar here in Marseillan, on the village's old port. Busloads of tourists pass by with the firm intention of discovering the incredible history of this prestigious company which is exported all over the world.

First secret: the Languedoc soil!

Exclusively made from white wine (75%), Noilly-Prat's Vermouths draw their strength from the Languedoc soil. Consequently, it is in Marseillan that they elaborate this liqueur which makes us happy. It is important to know that the alcohol content of a Vermouth must be between 15 and 22°, no more, no less. It is thanks to the mistelles loaded with alcohol that the fermentation is stopped and that this mistelle becomes a natural sugar.

After the soil, the plants...

Fortified and mutated wine, Vermouth is also and above all flavoured with plants and herbs. About twenty different ones according to the 4 recipes of Noilly-Prat. The Original Dry, the Extra Dry, the Red and the Amber are thus sublimated by Mother Nature; with spices and sometimes unusual fruits. Bitter or sweet orange peel, gentian root. But also cloves, nutmeg, Greek saffron, vanilla or cinnamon are part of the aromatic secrets of Noilly-Prat. And absinthe is also essential, because no Vermouth without absinthe ! Besides, the word "Vermouth" in German means absinthe...

An aperitif for Mr and Mrs !

It was originally conceived for this purpose, in 1786. So that Madame could also drink her little aperitif. So, it is on the Ambré (created in 1986) that she will ideally turn today, sweeter, fruitier and softer than the 3 other recipes. Finally, coveted in the United States for hundreds of years, Noilly-Prat Vermouth owes its success to the family branches of the Noilly and Prat families. The Noilly's were more focused on wine making and the Prat's on marketing.

Noilly Prat at Port Marseillan cocktail bar: a legitimate Noilly-Prat showcase

Of course, the cocktail bar at Port Marseillan will be located on the rooftop of the hotel and will offer a unique view in the region.

Many of the cocktails (examples with the Noilly Prat menu) will be made with this local Vermouth and this partnership is also explained by the tourist impact that Port Marseillan will create in the region. It's not enough to attract thousands of tourists each year to visit the Noilly Prat winery, you have to accommodate them and let them discover the art of living in Occitanie. On average 50 people," says Kelly Bevan, Noilly Prat's business development manager.

Port Marseillan will certainly be a great alternative to the region's bed and breakfast and hotels. Ideally designed for Branded Residences, Port Marseillan « hôtel du Port » is of course positioned as a qualitative and integrated response to future tourist accommodation.